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Here you are able to have more information about:

Accessories: what kind of accessories you are able to add to your climate cabinet (see below and more will be added later)

Presents: would you like to offer a gift voucher to your beloved one? (see below – accessories)

Specials: special models meaning limited edition versions. Currently no specials are available (see below some examples)

Use: where can you use a climate cabinet (see below)?

Demonstration models: occasionally we have demonstration (from exhibition, rental, etc.) models available. Ask for the possibilities

Rentals: we have rentals  available. Ask for the possibilities

The story of the origin of the wine climate cabinet : Click here (in Dutch)

The journey of the grape;  from grape branch to mouth…..: Click here (in Dutch)

Specials (special editions/Limited Editions)

These are models that have a special configuration, extra accessories or a special exterior or interior. Offers can also be listed here. Do you have a special model in mind, ask us; not all models that we have in our range are listed on this website

Underneath you will find some examples

Champagne climate cabinet

Vinologist Janna Rijpma has put her ‘signature’ on a very special climate cabinet ….. the champagne climate cabinet.
This climate cabinet is completely covered with leather, with the golden drink itself being the source of inspiration for determining the type of leather, the processing, the color and the accents in the form of beautiful crystals that differ in color to emphasize the differences in champagne .
The finish, which is made and assembled entirely by hand, ensures that no climate chamber will be the same. The champagne climate cabinet will be made in a limited quantity.
This climate cabinet with a capacity of 40 bottles has one temperature zone that can be set per degree. This way the perfect climate can be created for all champagnes.
The various sliding shelves help to arrange the bottles. The specially designed bottle support, so that ‘every’ champagne bottle can finally be put down properly, is also a bonus!
Of course you want to protect your valuable bottles, which is why the climate cabinet is equipped with a lock with a key.


Valentine Champagne Cooler

Valentine’s Day, the day when love sparkles

Butterflies in our stomach, beating hearts. Loving relationships are sealed with passion.
It is the day when we show someone our devotion or (secret) love.
Whether you are proclaiming your eternal love or celebrating the first steps on the road to love this is, het the time for champagne, the drink of lovers and one of the most potent love triggers, the wine that opens the door to the heart!

Spoil your loved one with a very special gift and offer the one and the only
Valentine champagne cooler.

The cooler is hand finished with beautiful soft red fabric that gives it a highly exclusive look. The interior is fitted with special custom-made slide-out wooden shelves to elegantly chill your champagne.
Guaranteeing a long and passionate relationship!

The Valentine champagne cooler comes with two stunning champagne glasses and a bottle of rose champagne from the producer Jean-Pierre Lamoureux (a befitting name!)
Especially for Valentine’s Day the bottle of champagne is also adorned with a piece of unique stone jewellery.


Limited Edition Chef Pieter Damen

This limited edition is entirely finished in black leather and is signed by top-chef Pieter Damen who has certainly earned his place with famous restaurants at home and abroad. ! Win a dinner prepared for you by this top chef in your own home!

Pieter Damen: “I need my time when I am cooking, I take my time to savour a good glass of wine”

Click here for the brochure “Limited Editie voorlopige PD”

Wine Lounge Set

The ultimate lounge set: made from scaffold timber*, complete with cushions and a wine cooler for refreshing chilled drinks!

If you list the following keywords: cold drinks, outdoors, garden, (roof) terrace, lounge, hip, trendy, comfortable and sturdy seating you are actually summarising this great product!

We can supply different combinations all manufactured from beautiful freshly cut timber, (white wood) with a rough appearance. The lounge set is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use! The cooler supplied with this set is the PT-S 40 WK model with two temperature zones. It can be used to store all types of drinks: wine, soft drinks, beer etc. The cooler is entirely custom-built into the lounge set and its encasing can be closed completely so that it is invisible when you are not using it. You and your guests can help yourselves to drinks anytime you want!

Any combination featuring an armchair, chaise longue, footstool or sofa is possible. The unit is supplied complete with an attractive set of cushions (available in different colours). It is also available for rent and can be supplied with the PT-S 200 BC model.

* The cooler also operates in low temperatures, which makes it ideal for use in the autumn, winter and spring!
* The lounge set is produced in collaboration with Mentrop carpenters.



Where to use?

Where to use a climate cabinet. Hereby some examples