About us

Our speciality is climate control through cabinets

Each (natural) product has a preserve temperature and to ensure the storage of these products, we offer various climate cabinets. You can think of climate cabinets for wine, chocolate, cigars and cheese, but also climate cabinets for storage of medicines and research & development are in our catalog. We have experience with gastronomy (Michelin star restaurants), restaurants, bars, catering, wine-traders, liquor stores, industry, government, Diplomatic and Consular Representations, universities, and of course consumers.

CoolVaria stands for:

  • Attractive prices
  • All prices mentioned include VAT
  • Reliability
  • Experience and excellent advice
  • Extensive guarantee period
  • Fast delivery times (also to countries outside the Benelux such as France, Germany, Italy and many others)
  • Can be supplied from stock
  • After-sales service: even after your purchase you benefit from our excellent service
  • Experience with gastronomy, the hospitality sector, business, government (ministries) and consumers
  • Accessories can be delivered immediately (we can also install them in advance)
  • Assembly by specialists


As a customer, you no longer pay a disposal fee since 2013. You do pay a recycling contribution (determined by the government!). This contribution is offered to you by us and we do not charge it in the sales price! The recycling contribution is intended to pay the costs for recycling (reusing) of our climate cabinets.

We are affiliated with Wecycle: Wecycle wants to collect as much e-waste as possible and works together with municipalities, recycling companies, shops, installers, children’s farms and consumers. Commissioned by producers and importers, Wecycle ensures recycling with a high environmental return and reports on this to the government. As a producer/importer, we have a legal responsibility to have discarded electrical appliances recycled responsibly. This responsibility stems from European legislation on WEEE (Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment). For more information look at www.wecycle.nl.





Underneath you will find some specialist knows by us:

Hubrecht Duijker: Vinpressionist
Cuno van’t Hoff, Charlotte van Zummeren: Wine journalist
Janna Rijpma-Meppelink: Vinologe, Wine consultant
Pieter Damen: Cuisinier
220px-SmokingcigarsHajenius: Part of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen: University – Researchcenter
Sébastien Riviere: France chocolatespecialist
Several Fairtrade Organisations and Wereldstores
Betty Koster: Fromagerie L’Amuse

Several restaurants
Several hotels (*****)
 Several lunchrooms and coffee bars
Michelin Star: Several restaurants (one and two stars)
Gall & Gall, Super, Expert: Retail
31086Several museums
1532 FactoryRenault: French multinational vehicle manufacturer
12724Bioclear: Laboratory
The International: Golfcourse
Several wine importers, wine traders, liquor store
Club Eden: Loungeclub & several beach clubs

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Visit our company!

If you would like to view our climate cabinets, we would like to invite you to Nieuwegein. We are located at the Ravenswade 150R in Nieuwegein.

If you wish to come by, please make an appointment in advance so that we can schedule you (an explanation will take approximately 30 minutes). Viewing is possible from Monday-Friday.

The reason for making an appointment is because we have two warehouses where the climate cabinets are prepared (Nieuwegein and Vianen) and since we do not know in which warehouse we will be at that time, we ask you to make an appointment so that you for example, does not end up in front of a closed door (viewing is only possible in Nieuwegein).

Featured Services

Free Shipping

All articles mentioned are including shipping (please check your country, zipcode for the correct price)


As the climate cabinets are our own articles and our own production, we are able to help you out with any question you might have!

Payment Process

Please be assured about our Payment Process. Our bankaccount is at ABN AMRO Bank NV, The Netherlands


We have a Technical Department situated in the west of The Netherlands. They have all the knowledge and parts available. As the climate cabinets are out own production, you only have one point of contact!

World Wide Delivery

All articles can be supplied world wide. This is either by truck, boat or plane. Please contact us for any question. Please note that you are also free to pick it up yourself at our warehouse!


You do not know which climate cabinet is best for you? Ask an expert to help and a good and honest advise will be given!


You will have your own climate cabinet in just one click. Wait for the arrival and enjoy!

We add value to our customers

A large number of consumers, and organizations use CoolVaria.

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CoolVaria is part of PT-S International BV.
Ravenswade 150R
3429 LD Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

VAT: NL-805085841B01

Gustav Mahlerlaan 10,
1082 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Iban: nl44abna0589118501

Chamber of Commerce:30135783