Operation of the small cooler


This model is cooled by the thermoelectric effect that transfers heat from one side to the other. This always has a warm and a cold side with a temperature difference. The warm side has the temperature of the ambient temperature while the cold side can be 15 degrees lower. A thermo-electric climate cabinets always cools (due to the presence of a fan) because the Peltier element always has to be cooled by the ambient temperature. Thermoelectric climate cabinets are light in weight and can be moved without problems making them ideal for plug & play. A lower temperature in the cooler results in lower humidity.

Please note:
For cooling this system it is necessary to have a fan (for the evacuation of heat), so this cooler has a fan.
As this cooler is equipped with a fan, it cannot be built in (the cooler needs space for the evacuation of heat). However, this cooler can be installed in a cupboard if there is a lot of space around the cooler.