Operation of the beer cooler (105 liter)

Operation of the beer single climate cabinet:

The cabinet has a range between 05 – 19°C and the most common setting for all kind of beers is around 7 °C.

The beer cooler can be set per degree to have your preferred temperature at any time!

If you want to have all your beers stored on several different temperatures, we advise you to look at the beer climate cabinet with multiple zones (click here). That kind of operation gives you much more flexibility as you have all kind op temperatures and is more efficient for storing all kind of beers AND the special beer glasses (so even the glasses have the right temperature!)

There are “slits” in the shelves to ensure that sufficient airflow can take place, but beer bottles, cans, bottles, etc. can be placed on it. If, given the diameter of the bottle, at a certain moment, after the bottles have been placed next to each other, a bottle is not completely on the shelf, you can always place an extra plate on the shelf (it is impossible that a bottle will “fall” in those slits).

That plate does not have to be thick at all and can be half the size of the existing shelf. If you want to provide the entire shelf with an extra plate, we advise you to make a few holes in it to allow air flow. It is also possible to use your beer coaster (even from the same brand) if necessary.

We did have these special plates in the past, but they were no longer requested recently (because people wanted to do it themselves or determine the size themselves) so we have removed them from the range.