Instructions for building in the climate cabinet

Building in:

There are no extra accessories required when building in the climate cabinet

  • The climate cabinet has 4 adjustable feet (approx. 25mm adjustable)
  • The height underneath the door (top of the ventilation grid till the ground is approx. 125mm
  • The height of the bottom of the ventilation grid till the ground is approx. 25mm
  • Also be aware of the hinge (right side, on top of the cabinet). The height is approx. 10mm


For building in the cabinet, no special accessories or tools are required, however, one should be aware of enough ventilation on the back of the climate cabinet in order to dissipate the heat. The ventilation grille at the front is used to draw in “fresh air” (which is created when the warm air at the rear rises – it creates a suction effect). So do not cover this ventilation grille.

As the door has the exact same dimensions as the climate cabinet, the door will protrude approx. 4mm when the door is opened 45 degrees, so you can place this climate cabinet in a space with a width of 600mm (most common dimension of kitchen cabinets). If you open the more than 45 degrees this protrude will disappear. The door can be opened more than 200 degrees.