Payment options

We naturally have different types of payment options and you can also find these on the payment page.

The image is completely black, indicating that it is a solid black image or an image with no visual content to display.
Carte Bleue Visa logo with blue and white text and a yellow and blue design element.
Visa Pay logo, featuring a large letter 'v' with an orange and blue design on a white background, above the word 'pay' in white on a blue background.
The word "postepay" in blue lowercase letters, centered on a bright yellow background.
Nexi logo in blue font, with the slogan "every day, every pay" in smaller text below.
Red and white dk logo with a geometric design consisting of a stylized d and k interlocking.
The image is completely black, indicating that it may be a blank or damaged image file.
Two overlapping circles, one red and one blue, creating a purple intersection, on a white background.