Why a tea climate cabinet?

Why a tea cabinet?

The quality of tea decreases due to light, moisture, odor and high temperature. It is preferable to store tea in a cool place such as the tea cabinet.


Due to light and UV rays, the quality of your tea deteriorates rapidly. If you want to store loose tea for a longer period of time, this is best done in a dark room.

Loose tea has a longer shelf life because it is a dry product. However, loose tea has the property that it absorbs moisture from the air very quickly. It is therefore advisable to use the tea cabinet.

Tea types can easily absorb each other’s scent. Therefore, try to avoid crossing loose tea as much as possible. If possible, store the loose leaf tea in a tea tin inside the cabinet.

The quality of tea leaves deteriorates rapidly when the ambient temperature is very high. It is therefore wise to prevent the loose tea or herbs from being in the vicinity of heat sources, for example, sunlight, heaters or kitchen supplies.


It is also interesting to know that less oxidized teas such as white tea and green tea have a shorter shelf life than strongly oxidized teas (oolong tea and black tea). Unlike other teas, Pu-erh tea develops like a good bottle of wine. The flavors and aroma of this tea improve with time.