Terms of delivery

CoolVaria’s delivery terms and conditions

First we would like to inform you that YOU decide which day your climate cabinet will be delivered. Delivery will take place from Monday-Friday during the day (between 08.00 – 18.00hrs). Own the chosen delivery day, you will receive a message (email) from us in the morning with an indication of the time of delivery.

1. The following delivery and payment terms and conditions apply to all our products. All prices are in Euros unless specified otherwise in the related product information. If the customer is not located in the country from which the product is shipped the customer is responsible for any possible sales tax or import duties due in the destination country.
2. All CoolVaria offers are non-obligatory. Offers are subject to product availability. If a product is unexpectedly unavailable you will be notified immediately by email or phone and may be offered an alternative or be reimbursed by bank transfer within 5 working days.
3. CoolVaria has the right to modify prices and correct any typing errors. If you are affected by these actions you will be notified by email. You will then reserve the right to cancel your order.
4. Combined price quotes involve no obligation to supply part of the order at a corresponding part of the price specified for the order as a whole.
5. With regard to all products offered and in addition to those stated in online information normal and customary tolerances apply. We reserve the right to any minor digressions from images and/or descriptions in online information. Such digressions do not in any circumstances dismiss the customer from his/her obligations as specified in the agreement.
6. The images, designs and measurements included or communicated in quotations only provide a general representation of the products offered. Any changes in construction, which differ slightly from the actual version displayed in the pictures, designs or measurements, but which do not substantially change the products technical and aesthetic aspects do not oblige CoolVaria to offer any compensation and do not give the customer any right to refuse receipt of the supplied goods.
7. The general payment rule is that delivery is made after payment has been received unless expressly agreed otherwise. Payment can be made by bank transfer or any other means agreed between CoolVaria and the buyer. Delivery with an invoice is only possible if expressly agreed between parties. The item remains the property of CoolVaria until the agreed amount is paid in full to CoolVaria.
8. When you place an order you will be asked to provide the following information: name, address, postcode, locality, telephone number, email address, payment method and possibly your bank number. Your details will not be passed on to any third parties. The Data Protection Act applies. The information collected is used to process orders and improve your future shopping experience. If necessary we will use your details to contact you. Financial information will only be used to invoice you for the products and services you purchase. We reserve the right to register your IP address in case we have to deal with problems with the server. Your IP address can be used to collect general demographic information to enable us to compile a visitor’s profile and assess the use of our website. This information helps us to further develop the website for example in terms of design and layout. You can request your personal details at any time and modify or delete them if necessary. The information we collect is used for clearly communicated purposes. Information is handled with the strictest confidence. CoolVaria only registers details that are necessary to process orders and communicate with the customer. CoolVaria will not use your details for promotional activities unless you expressly give your consent or make your details available to third parties except in cases where they are legally obliged to do so.
9. Delivery time is between 1 to 5 working days; this is an indication and not an exact deadline. We can respect these deadlines because we have the products in stock. If a product is unexpectedly out of stock then we will offer you an alternative. You will receive an email confirming your order. CoolVaria is not under any circumstances liable for damages if the delivery time mentioned is not respected.
10. CoolVaria generally ships orders using TNT Post, UPS Express or courier. Orders that are dispatched using any other methods are only done so if agreed and after payment for the product to be delivered has been received by CoolVaria.
11. CoolVaria applies charges for shipments in the Netherlands as well as abroad unless explicitly expressed otherwise.
12. You can cancel your order within 14 days if you are not satisfied with the order. The product can only be returned after prior notification to us and only if the packaging is unopened (costs for returning will not be reimbursed unless otherwise indicated). In the event of damage or loss, CoolVaria will arrange for the delivery of new goods. If the ordered goods are no longer available, you will be informed by email. A return payment shall be taken place within a maximum of 30 days.

13. General Terms of Delivery / Advice:
– Please remove all objects that could hinder delivery (cabinets, paintings, lamps, etc.). Cover fragile floors and walls, and/or notify our drivers.
– We cannot accept liability for damages occurred after the first door. We are kindly willing to help with the placement of the furniture inside.
– Avoid cancellation fees; make sure someone is present during the given time span.
– If furniture cannot be taken indoors and alternative means of transport need to be used (pulley block or elevator), the customer bears sole responsibility for the risks and extra costs incurred.
– CoolVaria maintains the right to cancel the delivery when the drivers indicate that a responsible delivery cannot be guaranteed. – Possible extra costs (transport- or elevator costs) are charged to the customer.
– It is possible that, due to traffic or other unforeseen circumstances, delivery will not take place within the given time indication.
14. If on receipt you notice that the delivery does not match your order please contact us via info@coolvaria.com. You can also email us if you have any complaints whatever their nature.

Exceeding delivery times

1. The longest delivery time is 30 days after receipt of payment. If this period is exceeded the counter party will be informed as soon as possible and will be offered the possibility to be released from the agreement or cancel the order.
2. Incidents at the company or one of its suppliers as a result of force majeure such as those including the following: war, mobilisation, riots, floods, closed shipping and other transportation obstructions, the stagnation, respective restrictions to or cessation of public utility supplies, fire, breakdown of machinery and other accidents, strikes, lockouts, trade union action which makes production impossible, government measures, non-supply of necessary materials and semi-finished products to CoolVaria by third parties and other unforeseen circumstances also in the country of origin of materials and/or semi-finished products, which disturb normal business activities and slow down or make it impossible to fulfil a project, release CoolVaria from respecting the agreed deadline and of carrying out its obligations without entitling the customer to any right to compensation for costs, damages or interest. In the case of force majeure CoolVaria will inform the customer immed! iately. Within eight days of this notification the customer has the right to cancel the order in writing but is obliged to compensate CoolVaria for the part of the project already completed.

If you still have questions regarding CoolVaria’s privacy policy then you can send us an email concerning the latter. Our customer service department will be happy to help you if you need information about your details or if you would like to modify them.

Contact, VAT, Bank and Chamber of Commerce details

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