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Storage mats
All wine climate cabinets (whether from CoolVaria or from someone else are based on the most sold wine bottle, which is the “Bordeaux format” of 0.75l). This bottle is available everywhere and the most, which is why it is used for the wine climate cabinets.
You can simply stack all wine bottles horizontally in the climate cabinet; this can be done by placing them straight on top of each other or using the opening (cavity – between the two bottles below). But what if you all have different bottle sizes or if the bottle insertion is not optimal because of different sizes? Then stacking can be more difficult (bottles don’t lie “comfortably” or they slide apart, fall out of the climate cabinet, etc.). People often think that an extra plateau can solve this, but this is not the case.

By using the CoolVaria Wine mat (with a special double-sided anti-slip layer) – between the bottles in question – the bottles will no longer lie incorrectly or fall out of the climate cabinet spontaneously. These are mats (designed by CoolVaria and recently available) that are flexible and can be used anywhere in and outside the climate chamber. These are shaped like a wine bottle

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