Sliding shelf for large cabinets

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The interior of the climate cabinet is equipped with wooden shelves. We have consciously opted for this because wood is a natural product, just like the product that is stored inside the climate cabinet. With wood, no piece is the same and that gives differences with respect to the color. However, that also gives the certain “roughness” that we think fit with the product.

More or less shelves for the climate cabinet?

Why we suggest the configuration as shown in the visualizer and not more per cabinet?.

The configuration is based on opening the door frequently so you can enjoy regularly a bottle (like most of our customers) and you do not want to remove lots of bottles before you have the right one. That is why we recommend the proposed configuration.

Off course you are able to install more shelves but please be aware about the following: the more shelves, the less capacity and you will only look at wood (shelves) instead of the bottles

As we do the installation, in our warehouse, of the shelves, we make sure that you have the most efficient configuration.

Also we make sure that we have a little space left between the bottles and the next upper shelf as no bottle is the same (for not damaging the label when pulling out the shelf).

We think you must be able to store all kind of bottles in the cabinet: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Elzas, Champagne and even Magnum bottles without having any difficulties. That is why the suggested configuration is the best. If in case you want to have extra shelves (or other accessories) in the future, you can buy them from us afterwards.


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