Herbs Climate Cabinet

25 liter

249.95 (incl VAT)

for storing YOUR herbs in a shady place - no daylight - with the optimal temperature!

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Storing tea is not complicated, but it is advisable to invest in a high quality tea packaging and your loose leaf tea will love you for that!.


This cabinet is provided with one temperature zone which can be set with a range between 10- 18° C. This cabinet will cool up-to a max of 15° C relative to the ambient temperature.

The cabinet works on 220Volt – and the door (double glass) is provided with a “mirror coating” which give the cabinet a luxurious appearance and so the sun will not have any effect on the tea. If you leave it in the tea cabinet, you can store it for at least 1 year!


This model has 2 shelves and even you can take them out. To do so, you must open de door completely.

The best temperature for storing tea is round room temperature (18°C).

The outside dimensions of the cooler are W x D x H: 430 x 510 x 280mm.


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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 28 × 43 × 51 cm

Temperature zone(s)

Ambient temperature

Temperature range



Quantity shelves

2 pieces

Shelf measurements

WxDxH: 350 x 325 x 5mm

Distance between shelves


Extra shelves

Interior light (colour)


Interior light

Can be switched on/off

Inside colour


Outside colour


Door direction

Right hand door (handle on the left)

Door handle

Integrated (left)

Glass door

Double glass, With mirrow coating

Active carbon filter


Noice level


Cooling system

Pellier cooled system

Energy consumption

0,36 kWh/day

Energy efficiency Class


Display temperature

In Celsius

Possible to built-in?


Inside measurements

WxDxH: 365 x 325 x 195mm

Outside measurements

WxDxH: 430 x 510 x 280mm

Power input


Temperature difference

Max. 15 degrees between setting temperature and ambient temperature

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