Cigars humidor PT-S 600-200

600 cigars

735.00 (incl VAT)

"I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form." —Winston Churchill

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Information about the humidor:

Temperature regulation and humidity:

You can set this cabinet between 16 – 22ºC. You are not able to change the humidity level yourself directly – the display shows you an indication – however due to the changing of the temperature in the cabinet (set by yourself) you are able to influence the level. The most ideal situation is, off course depending the wishes of the user, a temperature of 19°C with a real humidity of 70% so the cigar will feel smoothly and slightly elastic. The voltage of this humidor is 220V and has a European plug. The door has double glass with UV filter and has a lock (keys). The outside dimensions of the humidor are WxDxH: 595 x 570 x 840mm.

Air circulation:

At the back of the humidor, you will find two air holes of which one has an active carbon filter (we advise to replace this filter every 8-12 months).


This humidor has a cooling unit (compressor) and a heating system to maintain the set temperature.


The humidor is equipped  with the most wanted configuration;  3 shelves meaning 4 “compartments” (including the bottom) for a perfect storage of the cigars. There is enough space between the shelves available for boxes (ca. 120mm). If you want to change the position of the shelves, this is off course possible for all shelves.

The current humidor is equipped with sapele wooden shelves (heavier shelves as shown) instead of beech wood. Cedar wood is often used in humidors, for the interior, which have no temperature control. This is because cedar wood has a high absorption capacity (even then it is still important to use the “right” cedar wood, because there are also different types of cedar on the market).

Because our humidor has a temperature-controlled unit, this is no longer necessary. Cedar wood is also more expensive and we want to have a competitive price for our customers, so that they can invest more in cigars.


The model that we can supply right now is equipped with heavier shelves than before (so that the shelves can bear more weight since we were also asked to store for instance whiskey next to the cigars) and the slots are therefore slightly wider than before. See this shelf as attachment.

Building in:

There are no extra accessories required when building in the sigar climate cabinet

  • DxHxW : 570x840x595mm (excluding the handle = 40mm)
  • The climate cabinet has 4 adjustable feet
  • The height underneath the door (top of the ventilation grid till the ground is approx. 125mm
  • The height of the bottom of the ventilation grid till the ground is approx. 25mm
  • Also be aware of the hinge (right side, on top of the cabinet). The height is approx. 10mm


For building in the cabinet, no special accessories or tools are required, however, one should be aware of enough ventilation on the back of the climate cabinet in order to dissipate the heat. The ventilation grille at the front is used to draw in “fresh air” (which is created when the warm air at the rear rises – it creates a suction effect).

As the door has the exact same dimensions as the climate cabinet, the door will protrude approx. 4mm when the door is opened 45 degrees, so you can place this climate cabinet in a space with a width of 600mm (most common dimension of kitchen cabinets). If you open the more than 45 degrees this protrude will disappear. The door can be opened more than 200 degrees.


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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 84 × 59.5 × 57 cm

Temperature zone(s)

Ambient temperature

Temperature range

Door direction

Right hand door (handle on the left)

Door handle

Diameter 20mm

Door lock

Yes, included (keys)

Glass door

Double glass, with UV-filter



Quantity shelves

3x slidings shelves

Extra shelves


Position of the shelves

Can be adjusted by yourself anytime

Interior light (colour)


Interior light

Can be switched on/off

Outside colour


Inside colour


Active carbon filter

Yes, included

Adjustable feet

Yes, 4 pieces

Anti vibration function

Yes, included

Cooling system

Compressor cooled system

Energy consumption

0,56 kWh/day

Energy efficiency Class


Display temperature

In Celsius

Display colour

Black and Blue (numbers)

Power input


Rated current


Noice level

< 39 dB

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Smaller model available?