Operation of the beer climate cabinet with two temperature zones

Operation of the multiple beer climate cabinet:

The upper zone has a range between 12-20° C and the lower zone has a range between 5-12°C.

The most common setting for the lower part is 6° C – as cold air is “heavier” than warm air, the bottom of the cabinet will have a temperature of about 4-5 ° C (so perfect for light lagers) and for the upper part 15° C (so perfect for imperial stouts, Belgian strong ales, and Doppelbocks).

As this cabinet has no separation between the zones, this means also that right in the middle the two zones will come together. In that area, the temperature will be around 12° C (so perfect for Belgian ales, sour ales, Bocks, English bitters and milds, Scottish ales). Between the lower shelves and the middle shelves your will have a temperature between 5-9 ° C (so perfect – below- for Czech and German Pilsners, Munich Helles, wheat beers and – up – for American pale ales, porters, PAs, most stouts).

As no separation is present between the two zones – so you are flexible- , we are not able to inform you about the quantity per “zone”. That is fully up to your wishes. You decide, with the settings, your own choice. For instance if  you want to have your beer which is stored in the upper zone, you set both settings a little bit colder and off course if you want your beer less colder you do the opposite.

This kind of operation gives you much more flexibility as you have all kind op temperatures and is more efficient for storing all kind of beers AND the special beer glasses (so even the glasses have the right temperature!)


The interior of the beer climate cabinet is equipped with wooden shelves. We have consciously opted for this because wood is a natural product, just like the beer that is stored inside the climate cabinet. With wood, no piece is the same and that gives differences with respect to the color. However, that also gives the certain “roughness” that we think fit with the product.

Why we suggest to place these quantity of shelves and not more or less per cabinet? You do not want to remove lots of bottles before you have the right one. That is why many customers require this configuration.

Off course you are able to install more shelves but please be aware about the following: the more shelves, the less capacity and you will only look at wood (shelves) instead of the bottles

We think you must be able to store all kind of bottles in the cabinet and that is why the suggested configuration is the best. If in case you want to have extra shelves (or other accessories) in the future, you can buy them from us afterwards.


If, for example, you now want to place larger beer bottles, you can place the neck of the bottles on the compressor housing and place the bottom against the raised edge (of the climate cabinet), so you also have, as it were, a “display” is immediately created. Behind these slanted bottles you can place other bottles crosswise in order to make optimal use of the capacity.

There are “slits” in the shelves to ensure that sufficient airflow can take place, but beer bottles, cans, bottles, etc. can be placed on it. If, given the diameter of the bottle, at a certain moment, after the bottles have been placed next to each other, a bottle is not completely on the shelf, you can always place an extra plate on the shelf (it is impossible that a bottle will “fall” in those slits).

That plate does not have to be thick at all and can be half the size of the existing shelf. If you want to provide the entire shelf with an extra plate, we advise you to make a few holes in it to allow air flow. We did have these special plates in the past, but they were no longer requested recently (because people wanted to do it themselves or determine the size themselves) so we have removed them from the range.