On what temperature to serve wine!

You have made your decision! You will open soon your favorite bottle of wine! But what is the best serving temperature? 

Serving Wine and Temperature?

When preparing to serve a stored bottle which you have stored somewhere in your house, please allow time for it to come up (or down) to the proper serving temperature. This ensures full expression of wine flavor and aroma.

Hereby some guidelines but the most important rule we have is “use the temperature you desire and not what the “experts” are saying”. It is your wine and you determine what kind of temperature you prefer!

Red wine should be served chilled slightly below room temperature (between 12-19˚C). The precise temperature is determined by the age of the wine. Older red wines being held better at about 17-19˚C and younger wines colder.

Red wine with stronger tannins should be kept warmer than lighter red wines (which can go as cold as 12˚C).

White wines, meanwhile, can and should be served colder than reds. But they mustn’t be kept so cold as to affect the aromas. Instead, white wine should be chilled (8-12˚C). Full white wines being held better at about 10-12˚C and light white wines colder.

Sparkling wines and sweet white wines should be served colder and finally Champagne should be served coldest of all (5-8˚C).

You want information about how to store your wine properly? Click here for the wine storage cabinet and find all the information you need!! When preserved correctly, wine can last for decades, even centuries, growing in value and quality. The opposite is also true; poor storage can spoil even the greatest wines in the world.

When you do not want to wait till your favorite bottle has reached the right serving temperature, think about a wine climate cabinet – our website- with multiple temperature zones. Such cabinet allows you to both serve the wine at any appropiate temperature but also to store your delicate wine at the best possible way.